When did this happen?

When did this happen?
We are still quite unaware
They built a wall so strong
None of us can now say it’s so wrong.

Not of brick and mortar
Nor of cement and stones
But with emotions that run high
On a lot of hatred and lies.

How did this happen?
Oh! We are surely to blame.
We threw open the gates of our hearts,
And made bickering and slander state-of-the-art.

And now here we are
Unable to gauge or feel pain,
Watching our people wail
With doubt in our minds and a whole lot of disdain!

Why did this happen?
We were only looking for change
And now we’ve shut ourselves in,
Unable to discern what’s right; engaging in original sin.

We were with you
As you promised to dispel this darkness with light,
And now the stars blaze bright
As my brethren lay in such horrific plight.

How long do we have to pay the price?
For there seems no end in sight.
My people fall like pale, lone petals
Thrown down from the still skies.

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