When did this happen?

When did this happen?We are still quite unawareThey built a wall so strongNone of us can now say it’s so wrong. Not of brick and mortarNor of cement and stonesBut with emotions that run highOn a lot of hatred and lies. How did this happen?Oh! We are surely to blame.We threw open the gates of […]


And the whole world stops for a moment, Everything is still, silent, peaceful, No time, no worries, Your heart stops beating, No feelings, no love, no hate, Just silence, Peaceful silence, A photograph. Still, how precious some are, Even though they don’t say anything, But end up saying so much, Leaving us speechless, Filling us […]

Mother’s Love

Mother’s love is that sweet ambrosia That all world takes in delight Like warm milk to the starving cat It comforts and soothes all. It is the blood that courses through the heart Giving life to the helpless And sucking in their grief. O Mother who loves and protects With tender tinges soothing tire, It […]


Her flaws were her charisma, and the chaos her jewellery. So, she burnt her broken past, cosmetically smeared on that ash, and fiercely walked away with grace. Thus, falling in love with her ability to heal.   By Bhavna Raj (Alumni-2020)


The moment The scaled up stairs in a faint street light. I am looking at the dark. The Rebirth I plummeted down out of cloud nine. Bleeds the broken heart. Lovebirds Snowy morning across the lake. Canoodling the lovebirds.

My dream

I dreamed having a dog, Cute and small I dreamed playing with it, in the evening after school. After a while, I went to a nearby tree, to have a nap After I woke up, I understood it was morning. It was time for me to go to school. By Aryan H III-C

My guiding light

How I enjoyed those days with my grandpa I never thought he would leave in such a haste If I ever knew he were to leave I would have never been so near. Why do we not understand the value of things Until it is no longer a part of our lives . How is […]