And the whole world stops for a moment,
Everything is still, silent, peaceful,
No time, no worries,
Your heart stops beating,
No feelings, no love, no hate,
Just silence,
Peaceful silence,
A photograph.

Still, how precious some are,
Even though they don’t say anything,
But end up saying so much,
Leaving us speechless,
Filling us with emotions.
And making us re-live a moment,
Exactly as it was.

If life is just a set of photographs,
An endless amount of them,
Worry, pain, suffering,
Being just feelings of a memory,
Feelings of a numb moment,
Long gone, Or yet to come,
And if that is the case,
I’ll live my life,
Without worries of the future or the past,
One photograph at a time,
One moment at a time.

By Aaryan Awasthi XII-C

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