Duke, My Love!

by Sarang Krishna M, V D

Once there was a boy named Kailash. He loved animals very much. One day, after school, he was waiting for the bus. Suddenly, he heard a noise from the bushes. He turned back and to his surprise, he saw a small newborn puppy! It was alone. “Where is its mother”? Kailash thought. He liked it very much. He took the puppy to his house.

“Why did you bring this dirty animal here?” His father shouted. His father did not allow him to keep the puppy with him. Then, he hid the puppy in a room where his parents kept old things. He secretly took milk from the fridge and gave it to the puppy. He would give half of his food to it. The puppy grew strong. It started to run around the house.

One day, Kailash’s father saw it. “Kailash, who brought this dirty creature again? Throw it!” His father shouted. Kailash was shocked. He sad, “Dad, this is my puppy. I love it…” Before he could complete his sentence, his father grabbed the puppy by the ears and threw it away. He was very sad. He cried the whole day. He didn’t eat his supper. His parents gave in after seeing his love for the puppy.

The next morning, they brought back the puppy and gave it to him. Kailash was very happy. He hugged the puppy and called it “Duke my love.”

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