Recalling memories that never existed

Back in the early 1940s, segregation between coloured and white people was pretty common in the west, but over at South Africa at that time, they had apartheid, which was segregation at a totally different level. Most people who were considered minorities were out in a different section of the society, with walls around their […]

Touch Me Not!

There is a plant called “Touch Me not” that closes up when touched. Small children would find themselves in awe when they encounter this interesting plant. But, there is another “Touch Me Not” that will interest many kids and parents alike. It is not a book, a movie, or a TV serial. But, it is […]


Her flaws were her charisma, and the chaos her jewellery. So, she burnt her broken past, cosmetically smeared on that ash, and fiercely walked away with grace. Thus, falling in love with her ability to heal.   By Bhavna Raj (Alumni-2020)


The moment The scaled up stairs in a faint street light. I am looking at the dark. The Rebirth I plummeted down out of cloud nine. Bleeds the broken heart. Lovebirds Snowy morning across the lake. Canoodling the lovebirds.

My dream

I dreamed having a dog, Cute and small I dreamed playing with it, in the evening after school. After a while, I went to a nearby tree, to have a nap After I woke up, I understood it was morning. It was time for me to go to school. By Aryan H III-C

My guiding light

How I enjoyed those days with my grandpa I never thought he would leave in such a haste If I ever knew he were to leave I would have never been so near. Why do we not understand the value of things Until it is no longer a part of our lives . How is […]

The Crown

The kingdom devoid of sun, The netherworld. Looking to the sub lunar, The Knight said to the Crown! “Our Travel accounts, Sire With the ballads of their conquest Filled with maps Latitudes and longitudes They boasted “How quick we were?” The visit was small But it was imperial Like rivers merged with the sea, We […]