Where words leave off, music begins

Music is life and that is why our heart beats. Every living being in this world is incomplete without music. Music flows free beyond the barriers of languages, regions  and countries, and so we see music as a spectacular language of unity. Anyone can listen and enjoy music irrespective of age, caste, etc. People are fond of numerous styles of music coming from different parts of the world. Some of them are Carnatic music, Hindustani music, instrumental music, ghazals, folk music, western music such as rock and pop.

Music, once received into the soul, becomes a sort of spirit that never dies. It can heal the wounds that medicine cannot cure. It is the soul of our life and it  gives us immense peace. It helps in communicating with our real self.

Music is a powerful weapon which produces immense happiness and joy in each of us. One tends to forget all their worries and pain while composing or listening to music. When the pain penetrates us, music relaxes our minds when we listen to it.

Music decreases emotional problems, tensions and stress within us. Music therapy helps in healing dangerous and chronic diseases. Recent research shows that music can help in many aspects of the brain including pain reduction, stress relief, regaining memory and brain injuries. Relaxing music can alleviate stress by lowering cortisol level, which is the hormone released in response to stress. People who had heart strokes show quick improvement when listening to music. In short we can say that music is a medicine  too.

Music is the real magic of the universe. The power of  music is unbelievable as shown by the legend Tansan who sang raga Mega Malhar (Amrita Varshini in Carnatic music) to bring rain and raga Deepak to light lamps. In the Bible, when the evil spirit was upon Saul, David took a harp and played with his hands. King Saul was refreshed and the evil spirit departed from him. Also research has proven that the plants grow and bloom fast when  they listen to music. The most interesting fact is that cows give more milk when they listen to music.

Traditional music is something that will stay forever. It is much more important than modern international music which can be heard in almost  every part of the world. A week without phones, laptops and social media might be the worst nightmare for people, especially teenagers. Music helps teens to explore ideas. Exposure to positive influences through music can help teens learn coping mechanisms and appropriate responses to stressful situations. Youngsters should give their heart to their own traditional music to keep the cultural heritage alive.

Thus, music plays a vital role in each of our lives. Playing light instrumental music in all our houses, helps children learn and helps people to do their work efficiently and with less stress.
I would  also suggest meditation with music to overcome stress and negative emotions in our life. I would always suggest women listen to music when they are pregnant because music makes the mother relaxed and calm as well as the child in her womb.

To live is to be musical, starting with the blood  dancing in our veins. Everything living has rhythm. Try  to feel your own music.

By Lakshmika N XII-B


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