School Election

By Hasiba Darmi Puthanveedu, XC

A school election is an event which takes place in each class every year. There will be six candidates chosen by the class teacher along with the students of the class based on their performance in academics, the experience they have in school, and leadership qualities. After the candidates are chosen, each candidate tries their best to convince the students of their class that he/she is worthy of being a leader and they should vote for them. This event takes place just after a few weeks after the school reopens. Each year new people get the opportunity to stand as candidates. After the election, these six candidates themselves become six leaders having six different positions. The person with the most votes becomes the first leader or main leader then the second leader or assistant leader and so on. The first three leaders compose the ruling party and the rest three are the opposition party

The school election is a way to prepare and show the students how our country’s election process takes place. The election of all classes takes place on the same day. Every student in each class is made to stand in a single line without showing any discrimination. Before we enter to vote, our name is marked on a paper and we get a voting mark to show that we have voted. Then we enter the election booth where we can vote for the person we want. All the instructions about how to vote are given to students by the teachers.

The process makes me feel that I have a responsibility that I owe to my class and that I should choose the best candidate who would fit to be my class leader and lead my class properly. These voting results come in a day or two. After this, the six leaders will be called by the principal to assign their duties and the class teacher will give them their class duties. After a few days of the result, there is a badge distribution ceremony that takes place where the principal gives the first three leaders their badges in front of the whole school. This is a really beautiful and memorable event for me and hopes so for all the students.

This year’s election was held on 21st June. The elected leaders were: Shishir O Raghavan – School Chairman, Bharat Arun, School Vice Chairman, Sreekanth S – School leader and Darshini Bharani Anand – Asst School leader. They were inducted into their positions during the Investiture Ceremony conducted on 27th June in the presence of Sri PK Raju, ACP, Crime Branch, chief guest of the day. Class leaders also received their badges on the occasion. 


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