Star in the Storm

By Ronit Bijlee, VIII B

“Star in the Storm” by Joan Hiatt Harlow is a book filled with adventures and teaches about friendship, bravery, hardships, tough decisions in life and love for animals. The main characters are Sirius the dog, Maggie, the girl, Reuben and Grace (Maggie’s Ma and Pa), Otto, Art and Cliff, Howard Ranch, Tamar, Vera, Lucy, Annie, Marcus, Marrie, Constance, Nancy, and Reverend Dobbs.

In the beginning, Sirius was accused of killing Tamar’s sheep. Since they were very rich, they passed a law to only rear shepherd dogs and to shoot Sirius. Hence, to defend her beloved dog, Maggie decides to hide her dog from everyone. But then, tragedy struck. The steamer in which Marrie, the oldest daughter of Howard Ranch was riding, got stuck in the storm. They had to seek Maggie’s and Sirius’ help to rescue Marrie. After the rescue, they were no longer in danger. Sirius is now safe.

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